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Sarah Roberson (Spring 2018 Honors Cohort)


Education Honors Program ~ Spring 2018 Cohort

Honors Students

Honors Project Title/Mentor

Cameron Brophy

Factors That Influence Student and Family Perspectives on the Social Interactions of Elementary Aged Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Mentor: Dr. Shawnee Wakeman

Heather Rhodes

What Challenges Do First Grade Teachers Encounter in Terms of Identifying Young Gifted Children?


Mentor: Dr. Michael Matthews

My’Asia Jaaber

Adolescents’ Perceptions of Incarcerated Parents


Mentor: Dr. Erin FitzPatrick

Mykayla Perry

Presence of Multicultural Children’s Literature in Elementary School Classroom Libraries


Mentor: Dr. Erin Miller

Nafis Muhammad

Why do Men Choose to Become Elementary School Teachers?


Mentor: Dr. Erik Byker

Samantha Horne

Use of Technology in  the Elementary Classroom


Mentor: Dr. Drew Polly

Sarah Roberson

Preparation of Special Education Teachers to Teach Communication Skills to Students With  Moderate to Severe Disabilities


Mentor: Dr. Shawnee Wakeman

Taylor Auble

Growth Mindset in the Elementary Classroom


Mentor: Dr. Daniel Alston

Education Honors Program ~ 2017-2018 Cohort

August Howerton

Technology Usage for Students’ in an Elementary Mathematics Classroom


Mentor: Dr. Drew Polly

Emily Hoban

Writing Into the Day


Mentor: Dr. Brian Kissel

Kaytlen Thrift

Stimulating Their Drive: Motivation in Mathematics of Students from Low Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds


Mentor: Dr. Susan Hardin


Co-Directors of Education Honors Program

Dr. Amy Good and Dr. Cindy Gilson (2018-2019)


Education Honors Committee

Dr. Amy Good, Chair

Dr. Bettie Ray Butler – MDSK (2018-21)

Dr. Cindy Gilson – SPCD (2016-19)

Dr. Misty Hathcock – OSCP & REEL (2018-21)

Dr. Rebecca Shore – EDLD (2018-21)

Dr. Matt Eastin (Geography & Earth Sciences) (2017-19)


Past Directors of the Education Honors Program

Dr. Amy Good (2016-2019)

Dr. Michael Matthews (2010-2015)

Dr. Michael Green (2008-2010)

Program general email,

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Honors in Education Program:  Brief History

by Dr. Michael Green

In the fall of 2006, Dean Mary Lynne Calhoun appointed an ad hoc Honors Task Force.  Its members were

  • Dr. Michael Green, Chair (Reading & Elementary Education)

  • Dr. Janet Baxter (Special Education and Child Development)

  • Dr. Misty Cowan-Hathcock (Teaching Fellows)

  • Dr. Charles Hutchison (Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education)

The committee was charged with preparing a comprehensive proposal for an Honors in Education Program to be presented to college faculty council early in the spring 2007 semester in order to facilitate passage through the college and the University Honors Council.  The proposal was to contain the following minimal components:

  1. Program goal(s) and expectation(s)
  2. Departmental representation and faculty governance
  3. Student admission requirements
  4. Program requirements
  5. Elements of continued program improvement
  6. Faithful adherence to programmatic values of the University Honors Council

A proposal was presented to college faculty in early spring 2007. With minor revisions, the proposal was approved for implementation in the fall 2007 semester. The Honors in Education Program was later approved by the University Honors Council too late for fall 2007 implementation.  Fall semester was used to recruit the first class of students to begin in Spring 2008.